Local alternatives project

 The local alternatives project has the objective of providing help to any individual that wishes to transform the way they relate to food in order to contribute to a social change. Indeed, the way we produce, distribute and consume food is directly linked to maldevelopment, the loss of biodiversity and global warming. Solidarity –with its economic, social and cultural challenges in the South– is now more than ever about transforming our food system.

Reinventing the way we eat by reconnecting with land and the peasant world allows each and every one of us to have a positive and concrete impact on this world in crisis. The Local Alternatives project helps you throughout that transition by introducing eco-friendly and socially fair consumption alternatives in order to promote food sovereignty in the North as well as in the South.

In the ‘menu’:

-As a starter: 4 theoretical training units in order to better understand the issues of globalization. During these sessions different actors from the farming world and from associations will talk about food and show how it can be used as a means of action.

-For the main course: 3 practical immersion units in the heart of the Local Alternatives projects. Collective vegetable gardens, alternative farms and culinary workshops all offer an overview of the social dynamics implemented to make our development model fairer, more supportive and sustainable! (11 days during the month of August)

-For dessert: 1 day of collective action in a friendly environment to move forward towards food sovereignty.

Training: between May and September