International Projects

Experience the way of life of a Beninese family for a month, entrain children from weakened environments in Nepal, produce a play in Burkina Faso, gain a better understanding of the challenges the Guatemalan Maya communities face… This and many more opportunities by participating in the international projects!

The International Projects offer the possibility of getting involved in solidarity actions established by Quinoa’s partner associations, in Latin America, Africa and Asia. It includes off course staying in the country and a preparatory phase of several months before departure, as well as a debriefing, evaluation and reunion session afterwards.

It is a collective project carried out in groups of 6 to 12 participants led by 2 group leaders.

Our Projects with local partner :

Philippines : support the fisheries and agricultural communities with Peace for Development Group

Nepal : children’s rights, entertaining children with Child Workers in Nepal

Mali : cultural workshops focusing on traditional music with Acte SEPT

Burkina : theater workshops and producing a theater-forum play with compagnie Marbayassa

Benin : working on microcredit with women’s groups with CADD

Benin : 3-week long Forum-Workshop on sustainable farming

Peru : Support for communities fighting against mining projects

Senegal :Promotion of peasant know-how, food sovereignty, gender, awareness of the environment and globalization

Who is it intended for?

The International Projects are available for any person over 18 years old, living in Belgium and who speaks French. There are no professional qualifications required, but to take part in this project one has to be motivated, flexible and able to adapt to a new environment.

When ?

Once there, most of Quinoa’s International Projects last one month and take place in July or August.

What kinds of projects?

Each project’s content changes depending on the South partner’s field of action: taking part in the training workshops organized by the partner, entraining children from the “street”, reforestation, producing a play to raise awareness, working on farms…



In Belgium, the preparatory phase includes 2 mandatory residential weekends

  • Introduction to North-South relations and to the intercultural.
  • Immersion mini-project on Quinoa’s partner alternative farm

Besides the weekends, group reunions are organized to discuss the themes related to the local context and/or to the partner’s activities.

After the project, a mandatory weekend of “Alternatives” is organized where certain ideas of solidarity actions to commit to in Belgium are presented.